Welcome to the National Chamber Program

What is National Chamber Programs? - National Chamber Programs is the brand that leverages the collective buying power of its chamber partners and their members to drive greater discounts on a variety of products and services.

Role of Chambers - Chambers across the country have collaborated to combine the purchasing power of thousands of chamber members to create one of the nation's largest group purchasing organizations. This means that companies of all sizes and industries have access to significant savings on the costs associated with taking care of business.

Benefits for your Members

  • Best prices built on the cumulative spend of over 100,000 member organizations
  • Favorable terms and product features typically only available to the largest corporate purchasers
  • Special member offers on a broad portfolio of products

Benefits for your Chamber

  • Significant product savings for a tangible membership value-add
  • Proven non-dues revenue generation at the most competitive rates available
  • Easy to implement and grow with robust administrative and marketing support